“You can be a mother and still be completely sexy!”
— Fergie

When I first started photographing women a few years ago, I knew that I wanted to help every woman feel beautiful. I wanted them to gain confidence and feel sexy and luxurious -- as this had become my mission! 


In early January 2016, I met up with my friend, Janaa, from high school, as she wanted to take stunning boudoir photos for her significant other.

We had not seen each other in nearly 8 years, but had such an amazing time catching up! She told me about how she had become married, a mother of two incredible boys, and that she also hoped doing a boudoir shoot would help inspire women to be able to open up and feel empowered!

JBD Low Res-2.jpg

I truly loved getting to see this side of her -- she was the same fun and vibrant person that I knew so many years ago (not to mention a self-proclaimed, "non-girly" girl!), but also a proud and accomplished mother!

I'm so thrilled to share these session photos with you and I hope that you find them as inspiring as I do! Also, Make sure to check out the Q&A with this beauty and stay tuned for next week, where I'll be posting



xoxo, Christina

JBD Low Res-8.jpg

Q: What was your biggest fear before your session?
A: I think that my biggest fear was actually being barely clothed and showing off my "mommy body"

Q: Did that fear come true?
A: No, I was actually very comfortable. After you have kids, things are never the same. I may not have gained a lot of weight and a lot of people tell me there's nothing wrong with me, but I've got a lot of stretch marks, which makes me very uncomfortable in front of a camera.


Q: What was your favorite part of the shoot and why?

A: The best part of the shoot was being able to 'be and have' fun. I was able to smile in every shot and was actually having to make myself be serious in some of the frames.

Once I was able to get over my fear of being in lingerie, everything started panning out great!

JBD Low Res-37.jpg
JBD Low Res-102.jpg
JBD Low Res-70.jpg

Q: If you were to recommend Barely Blushing Boudoir, what would you say?

A: Just try it. It's not bad at all. You only have to do what you are comfortable doing. Even if it's something sensual that you are wanting to do for your significant other, just do it.

Nobody is there to judge you. I promise you will leave with a new bout of self-confidence. I definitely did!