So you want to hear more about this fun and exciting photography that gives women a ton of confidence and makes them feel beautiful?! You've come to the right place! Boudoir (pronounced 'boo-dwaar') is a french term that refers to a woman's private bedroom. But through the years, Boudoir has evolved into a confidence boosting, fun type of photography that takes place in a bedroom, hotel, or other intimate setting. It empowers women while making them feel sexy and beautiful! Not only that, it captures a moment in time where a woman feels confident in her own skin - whether the images are soft, romantic, sultry, and dare I even say it - extremely sexy!




There are so many reasons to book a boudoir shoot! EVERY woman should have a boudoir session done at least once in their lifetime!

  • Boudoir Photography is a chance to CELEBRATE you! Whether you are a blushing bride, a new mommy with a new sense of self-confidence, or a confident woman who is ready to showcase your beauty, a boudoir session is the perfect gift to give yourself! Maybe you just achieved a big goal - like a promotion or weight loss - and want to capture your confidence forever. Now is your chance to flaunt what you've got and show off yourself! No matter what size you are, 0-100, you are sexy and beautiful. So why not gift yourself with a boudoir session?! You will leave your session feeling empowered!
  • LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT GIFT? Boudoir photography is a unique and extremely personal surprise to give that special person in your life! I have many albums and print packages available if you are looking for a great gift. There is nothing like seeing the love of your life open your album and watching their jaw-drop as they see your sexy photos! Boudoir photos are perfect for weddings, anniversaries, holidays, or just because!
  • BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME! Boudoir sessions are fun! They are a chance for you to get dolled up and strut around in your skivvies! Remember those times when you would dance in front of the mirror singing your favorite songs in your undies? (Come on girl, you know I'm not alone in that! ;) You get to do that all over again while having sexy pictures taken of you! That isn't to say I won't pose you to get some of those perfect shots, but you will definitely feel sexy, beautiful, and giggly all at the same time! Almost every client has reservations about having a boudoir session - yet, by the end of the session - they are running around in their undies and leave feeling confident and sexy!


I don't know how to pose. I'm not a model. help!

Don't worry! That's why I am here! I will work with you through very pose during the session to play up your favorite features! Every woman has insecurities - yes, EVERY single one of us! But boudoir photography is for all types of women! Whether you are thin, extra curvy, or a so-called 'tom-boy', we will work together to create an amazing session for you!



Are NUDES REQUIRED? what if I want something Less/more risquÉ?

Every woman has her own level of comfort when it comes to her boudoir session.  Together, we will work together to create an amazing session that fits you. Whether you are fully dressed up in lingerie for the whole session, wish to do implied nudes, or revealing photos - I always want you to feel comfortable. I will add , I do NOT shoot 'PENTHOUSE-type' photos. My photography is about enhancing each woman's beauty, as well as the essence of who they are. If you are looking for overly suggestive images, I am not the best photographer to capture your images.

I receive many questions about my 'Implied Nudes'. What's that, you ask? Only the best thing ever for those who want the look of being nude, without actually revealing those lovely lady parts!  Implied nudes are empowering, sexy images that are both tasteful and tempting while still keeping you mostly covered. The perfect example of this type of photo would include me telling you to lay under the sheets, pull down the straps to your bra so your lingerie isn't visible, and then taking a super steamy photo of you that looks like you are laying naked in bed, without revealing those super intimate areas. See what I mean? ;) Classy, yet sexy! And don't worry if you are still not sure if this is right for you. Most clients don't decide on this until we are in the session - so no pressure!



HOW FAR IN ADVANCE SHOULD I book my session and HOW long does it take to get everything back?

I recommend that women schedule their session date about 2 months prior to needing their finished product. Photo collections are typically available four (4) weeks after your session; albums and prints can take up to an additional two (2) weeks - possibly longer if during the holiday season. With this said, don't hesitate to email me! The sooner, the better!




Boudoir packages start at $500. This includes the pre-session consultation, the photoshoot, and the retouching of your images. I also offer many add-ons to my clients, including hair and makeup services, albums, and prints. Clients typically spend between $1,200 - 2,000 (on average) for the photo session and the products they desire.  Payments are also able to be made in installments, making it affordable for everyone! And trust me, it's worth it! ;)



Great question! Bring whatever you feel sexiest in! Bra sets, corsets, teddys, thigh highs and high heels, maybe your significant others favorite shirt - whatever you want! Upon booking, I will send you a prep guide for your shoot and we will have a pre-session consult where we discuss your outfits and overall desired-looks for the photos. We will plan out everything so you feel confident and prepared the day of your shoot!



I'm concerned about privacy. Will my photos be shown on your website?

I always obtain permission before ANY photo goes on my website. Of course, I would love to use the photos from our session to inspire other women to have their own boudoir session! But your privacy is very important to me and if you do not wish to have your photos displayed, you will never see them on my website or social media. I always honor my client's level of privacy.




Many woman ask about my retouching policies. Yes, light retouching is included with every session. What does this mean?  I retouch and smooth skin in any areas that need it, but I will always keep you looking like you. I WANT YOU TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR OWN SKIN! I remove acne, blemishes, and cellulite, in addition to bruises and any other random marks you may have the day of your session. I don't "take off 15 pounds" or do "body reshaping". I work with you to find the most flattering poses and lighting to highlight your best features. If there's something you feel particularly self-conscious about, let me know and we can work together so you feel comfortable, confident and sexy!



I'd love to give a session as a gift. can I do that?

Of course! Sessions make amazing presents! Whether you are a husband looking to spice up some romance, a daughter wanting to surprise your mom with a fun and exciting session where she feels beautiful in her own skin, or even a friend wanting to give a session to your bestie for some confidence boosting!
Contact me today to purchase a gift certificate!




If you have ANY questions that I didn't cover here, feel free to contact me! I'd love to hear from you!