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My name is Christina. I’m a Boudoir and Glamour Photographer based in Savannah, Georgia. I am an avid coffee enthusiast, musician, empowerment coach, but most of all, I love and celebrate the beauty and spirit of women through the art of photography. Moved by a desire to capture women’s inner spirit and outer beauty, I have built my business helping women celebrate who they are.

Barely Blushing is about being true to yourself; feeling strong, confident, and embracing being loved for who you are. I believe all women are more beautiful than they realize. Boudoir photography is empowering - it allows you to radiate your inner soul. This is your chance to celebrate the perfectly beautiful and outrageously sexy, you! I want you to be ‘barely blushing’ by the end of our journey!

I look forward to experiencing this journey with you and we will work together to create your own intimate and custom tailored experience! Every woman deserves to feel sexy and confident! I'm thrilled to help you feel empowered!



— the beginning of my love story with the art of boudoir —

Since I was a young girl, I have been intrigued with confident, beautiful women.

I can remember watching my mother in her bathroom getting ready for a night out or just to look beautiful for my father, as she brushed her hair and put makeup on her face. She was absolutely stunning

As I grew older, I spent most of high school hiding my pinup sketches in class to keep from getting in trouble! Lucky enough, I had one not-so-typical teacher [who just so happened to teach my photography and graphic design classes] who introduced me to the art of Boudoir. I was in love.

Seeing the art of boudoir changed me. It made me realize a self confidence that I never experienced. These photos were different than the typical ‘model’ images or Playboy. The images spoke to the essence of the woman. Who she was - in all of her beauty and self love. That is what boudoir is all about. And so a mission began. My dream of creating these beautiful and unique images for my clients.

My mission to make every woman feel confident in her own skin.  

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For those who want to know a little more about me... 

wife. coffee lover. workaholic.
wearer of many hats [literally!]
proud mom of cute fur baby, Lexi.
other passions include travel, food, and wine ;)

I am a lover of life. To say that I am blessed is an understatement.
My love, Andrew — my military man, my foundation, my muse. 
He is such an inspiration each and every day. I'm a proud supporter of the military (a huge thank you to our service men and women, and to all of their spouses. It's a tough gig, but you are strong). 

You could say creativity runs in my blood (my father is a musical hippie.. yes, I also play guitar and sing like no one is listening). My passion for music and songwriting is beyond words.

Altogether, I think that being able to create something, whether it is photographs, art, or music - there is something lovely in the beauty of it all.


Mixture of Daily Life Images and
Professional Photos Courtesy of my Dearest Friend, Anna
Anna Daniels Photography